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Slutty spaghetti

I am ridiculously gullible. Or let me specify: I am ridiculously gullible if I don’t see any obvious benefit, monetary or other, from whatever lie I’m being told. I don’t see myself losing my savings to a Nigerian prince, for … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm for pumpkins, as explained with graphs

Halloween is over and therefore, pumpkin madness has subsided somewhat. I kinda like that. It’s not that I don’t like pumpkins. I’m quite enthusiastic pumpkins. But as most things, I like them in moderation, and not glaring down on me … Continue reading

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Free meals from my flatmate

My flatmate hates cooking. She hates it more than anything, except maybe waiting about in the house for the aerial guy to show up. You know how aerial guys say they’ll come fix your aerial between 9 and 12, and … Continue reading

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Potluck dinner

You know what I love? Potluck dinners. For those of you who are not native speakers of English, a potluck dinner is where you meet up with a bunch of people, and everyone brings something that they’ve cooked so share … Continue reading

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