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The magic word

The Dutch are so peculiar about words. The other day I was at the market, where I saw avocados going for a euro for three pieces. Being the avocado-loving woman that I am, I went up to the stall and … Continue reading

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Goodbye to the dictatress, hello to the queen

Hello, and thanks for stopping by to wave me off! This is the last you’ll hear from me for a few weeks – tomorrow I’m off to China for a month. The next update, which I hope will be full … Continue reading

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Vegetarian rabbit

Animals are just the best, aren’t they? I love animals. They’re adorable and funny and entertaining and often they’re pretty clever. This is why I feel slightly guilty about eating them. What can I say, I love cuddling fluffy bunnies … Continue reading

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The brilliant food ideas of a hypothetical stoner

As I wrote a while ago, it’s the stoners of this world that come up with the most amazing food ideas. Imagine being high as a kite, getting the munchies, grabbing whatever is left in the fridge, and making a … Continue reading

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My Scottish family

Five years ago I moved to Glasgow. It was a bold move, at the time. I didn’t know anyone here, and I had never even been to Scotland and yet there I went, to study at Glasgow uni, implying a … Continue reading

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It’s almost the end of the semester and that means that essays are due! Unfortunately, as you may have read in posts similar to this one, the one thing I haven’t learned in five years of uni is to plan … Continue reading

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