I love food. Actually, I’m slightly obsessed with it. In lectures, other students scribble stick men, eyes, anime characters and stars. I draw vegetables. When I fall asleep, I wonder what to have for breakfast. When I get up, I plan what I’ll have for tea. I know there’s a lot of cooklogs out there already, but this one is mine.

La dittatrice would be the Italian word for a female dictator. I say would be because there is no such word. We’ve never needed it before: history has shown us no female dictators. Until now!

When I’m in the kitchen I tend to be rather bossy. I won’t let anyone help out because I want it done exactly my way. In that sense, I’m intolerant to ideas that do not match my own: like a dictator. However, unlike a dictator, I’m very much open to criticism (or praise!), so leave whatever you like in a comment.

I’ll use this blog to share things I know about food with you. Any secret recipe I might get my hands on here I’ll share. I’ll write about stuff I eat here, or dishes I accidentally invent, recipes I have known for years, anything, really. I’ll include a wee introductory story, and a recipe. You can read only the story if you don’ t like cooking, or use only the recipe if you don’ t feel like reading.

I update on Wednesdays.

7 Responses to About

  1. Lovely idea girl. Keep up posted!
    Yours truly,
    A follower ;-)


  2. keep us posted.. i meant .. Typo!


  3. Gilsanquar says:

    This is quite bizarre; you are “een nederlander” defending Scotland; I’m a Scot currently blogging about Scotland having previously blogged about my love of all things Dutch http://gilsanquar.wordpress.com
    I didn’t get very far with the latter but hey its work in progress


    • No way! Yeah, that is quite bizarre! I’ve only recently started defending Scotland, my blog’s mostly just about food. I’ll be sure to give your Dutch blog a look, too, it’s always fun to see what other people say about your home town.


  4. My fellow’s brother is all about anything Scottish … this is great I can make him some food that is really Scottish:) Very cute introduction to yourself too:)..:


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