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Sex, drugs and deep fried risotto

You know how last week I wrote about the risotto I cooked for me and Rachel when she visited? Well, the story doesn’t quite end there. I usually cook too much food, but it doesn’t happen often that I have … Continue reading

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Rachel visited! Yes, the baking angel from 3 posts back. She only did one semester here but clearly can’t live without me (and I can’t live without her either, to be entirely honest) so it was time for a visit. … Continue reading

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Italians eat biscuits for breakfast. It’s true, I’ve seen them do it! They dunk them in lukewarm milk. When they don’t eat biscuits, they eat a sort of prepacked croissant filled with jam (or something, it certainly looks like jam) … Continue reading

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Couscous and ethics

A friend of mine with the exotic Irish name Gráinne (which is pronounced Grawn-ya, for anyone who might be wondering) recently told me she was going vegan. After years of not eating meat, she now feels she can’t justify “just” … Continue reading

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Torta di mele

Upon my arrival in Italy, I made friends with a girl from Belgium. She’s one of the 70.000 people of the German speaking community in the east of the country, quite a rarity! She’s also quite the angel, I soon … Continue reading

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