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More delights of Scotland: ducks

So, people seem to have noticed that I’ve gotten a bit defensive of Scotland, lately. Unusually defensive. This is probably to do with the fact that this might be my last year of living here. When I moved to Glasgow … Continue reading

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Defender of all things Scottish

As I wrote last week, many Italians seem to think of Scotland as a sort of modern, EU prison camp. Regarding Scotland, there’s one topic, apart from the weather, they seem particularly fond of: food. Whenever I’m in Italy, or … Continue reading

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Scotland, or: The great indoors

Being a Dutch person living in Scotland, studying Italian, I frequently find myself defending any one of these three countries if they’re being slagged off by inhabitants from the other two. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to put it out … Continue reading

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Emergency swede chips

Aaah, student life. The best life you could lead. Almost unlimited liberty. Very few responsibilities. Opportunities to get to know new people. The slow but steady accumulation of knowledge (even if, in my case, this knowledge is almost exclusively of … Continue reading

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The new rock ‘n’ roll: amaretti that aren’t necessarily amari

Last August I spent a few weeks in Italy. “Christ Dittatrice, you’re always in Italy, do you never go on holiday anywhere else?” No, not really. But Italy’s lots of fun so it’s not a problem, really. At one point … Continue reading

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