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Food with character

I recently bought a melon. I usually don’t buy melons, but that day it seemed like a good idea. It was scorching hot so I felt like eating fruit, they looked pretty perky, piled up into a big melon pyramid, … Continue reading

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I want an egg on top of mine.

Finally, spring has arrived in Scotland. Only two months late, not bad. Last week’s barbecue, if anyone is wondering, was unfortunately two days earlier than the start of Scottish spring, and as predicted, we were stuck at 12 degrees. However, … Continue reading

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The potential disasters of a Scottish barbecue

Spring began about two months ago now. It’s May, the happy month of first warmth after treacherous April, the month that stabs you in the back with snow when it gets the chance. Exams are drawing to a close and … Continue reading

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The limited world of British vegetarians

I pity the vegetarians in this country. In the UK, more than elsewhere, you have to go through considerable trouble to avoid eating meat. It’s goddamn everywhere. Order soup, there’ll be strips of crispy bacon. Order a salad, there’ll be … Continue reading

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How the war brought us carrot cake

If you’re from mainland Europe, like me, and you have ever spoken about WWII to a grandparent or similar elderly person, then there’s a fair chance that you have also heard the mandatory rant about wartime scarcity: ‚ÄúTULIP BULBS. Nothing … Continue reading

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