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Bad weather

Tonight was going to be the night of aubergine curry, but that will have to wait until next week. Something happened and I’d like to give it some attention here. The weather in the north of Italy has been somewhat … Continue reading

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Turnips and swedes (but more turnips)

There seems to have been some confusion regarding swedes and turnips last week. I see how that would happen, seeing that turnips are technically called ‘white turnips’ and ‘swede’ is really short for ‘Swedish turnip’. The fact that many Scots … Continue reading

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That’s some swede veg you’ve got there

I would like the world, or at least the North, to eat more swedes. You know, the ones that look like the fat retarded version of turnips. It must be the most underrated vegetable in the UK. A shame, because … Continue reading

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A jolly lot

You know who are a jolly lot? The Greek. They understand things. Maybe it’s because they used to philosophise so much back in the old days and they figured out what life is all about, or maybe it just comes … Continue reading

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