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Dirty, dirty salad eaters.

Exam time has once more arrived without me realising in due time. Apart from the usual stress about exams, this period is accompanied by many other discomforts, especially if, like me, you’re somehow more productive in the library than in … Continue reading

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The magic of food on foreign holidays, or: why edible souvenirs are never as good back home

If you have ever been on a holiday abroad and you have brought some souvenirs of a gastronomic nature back with you, then you might recognise the following: food that you eat and love abroad, food with the potential to … Continue reading

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Eggs, for lack of something else

Ah, yes, food. Cooking. Blog. I forgot. Sorry about that. I’ve had some other things to concentrate on and food hasn’t quite captured my attention as it does usually. I’m not having a very foody week. This time last year … Continue reading

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An Italian classic, dictator style.

After last week’s Italian classic, pizza, I thought it might be nice to do another one in the same category: lasagne al forno! Now, I feel that I haven’t been enough of a dictator over the last year to merit … Continue reading

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