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The rolling pin of doom

Remember how I said that my New Year’s resolution was to buy myself a rolling pin and make more quiche? Well, there was no need. It turns out my flatmate had a rolling pin all along. All this time there … Continue reading

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Ready, steady, cook my friend some aubergine

In my first year of uni, my previously-mentioned friend C had never cooked a meal in her life. She could bake all sorts of things, but cakes don’t count as a meal. The concept of vegetables was somewhat confusing to … Continue reading

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It’s almost the end of the semester and that means that essays are due! Unfortunately, as you may have read in posts similar to this one, the one thing I haven’t learned in five years of uni is to plan … Continue reading

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A 1 KG bag of fun (peanuts)

You know what is great? No going to Tesco Metro, that’s what’s great. As I said last week, now that I’m going to other shops, I can buy all sorts of things that I could never buy before and I’m … Continue reading

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