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Giant, big-ass dinner salad

Italian is an interesting language, with lots of sneaky ways to give a slightly different meaning to your words. A while ago I mentioned the masculine and feminine version of each word, which can be a problem for us foreigners. … Continue reading

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Morning trouble

A cat is meowing, incessantly, directly into my ear. It wants something from me. I try to understand what. It indicates the pile of books I’ve got in the bath tub. I hand it a small paperback, after which it … Continue reading

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Black bean debacle

For about half a year, a bag of dried black beans lived in one of our cupboards. Dried legumes, you know what they’re like – they don’t really bother anyone, but they don’t contribute, either. They’re just there, until someone decides … Continue reading

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Pasta aglio olio e peperoncino

One of the best things about being a foreigner in Italy is when your foreign friends come visit. It’s not that I don’t have friends here, it’s just that my friends here are Italian and therefore inherently unimpressed by anything … Continue reading

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