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Several types of butchering

In school, P.E. used to be a goddamn nightmare for me. I hated most sports (still do), I hated working in teams (still do), and I hated looking like a goddamn retard in shorts and a white top (still do). … Continue reading

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Them greedy vultures

Do you remember Rachel, the baking fairy from one of my first posts? Well, she used to live in a house full of absolute nutcases. They ranged from hermitic hippie to megalomanic casanova to uptight adult in a house full … Continue reading

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Let’s spend a moment contemplating the Aztecs. They’re a jolly lot. They revered the sun and gave it the perky name “Huitzilopochtli”. Then they sacrificed humans, and, according to some, ate them, too. And they seem to have been quite … Continue reading

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I forgot all about Easter! Which is odd because it’s a wonderful holiday. This is the first year that I have not been out in the garden looking for coloured eggs, maybe that’s the reason. So it was only on … Continue reading

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