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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday. Happy birthday, swine sis! I hope you have a lovely day, or at least a slightly above average day. It’s Wednesday, so I’m assuming you’ll spend the day at work, trying to pass down your … Continue reading

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Bella Napoli

This week’s blog post is a day late, and incredibly long. Why? Because I have been to Naples and I am in love. Goethe apparently said or wrote that “A man who has seen Naples can never be sad”. I … Continue reading

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I was recently left traumatised after I hitched a ride from an Italian in a hurry. Italian drivers tend to be speedy as it is, but when one needs to make it from Genova to Milan in an hour and … Continue reading

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Food war

Many people up north seem to believe that all Italians are authorities on food, that your average Italian working mum is also a near-professional chef, that people here have secret family recipes passed down from generation to generation. That Italians … Continue reading

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The mysterious origin of peas

I read an article a while ago about how we, modern citizens, no longer have a bond with our food. That we don’t understand where it comes from, and that we have (too) little appreciation for its real value. One … Continue reading

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