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English sleepover

This post’s going out in a hurry. I was on a trip over the past few days and I only just got back. And yet here I am, with another delicious treat for you, even though I spent the past … Continue reading

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My Scottish family

Five years ago I moved to Glasgow. It was a bold move, at the time. I didn’t know anyone here, and I had never even been to Scotland and yet there I went, to study at Glasgow uni, implying a … Continue reading

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Zero Plastic Week

A friend of mine posted an interesting link on facebook this week, telling us she was going to take a challenge: Zero Plastic Week. The idea is that you don’t buy any new plastic for a week, whilst you’re allowed … Continue reading

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Maybe a few weeks ago you read my post on sauerkraut, thought it looked super delicious and decided you wanted to have a go at it. Maybe you then bought a massive jar of sauerkraut that you could never finish. … Continue reading

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