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Unemployed smoothie maker

A few years ago I worked for a catering company. We catered for all sorts of parties and events, but the best weekend of the year was a flower festival near where I stay. A whole bunch of rich people … Continue reading

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How to make sure your vegetarian pals have a good time at your barbecue

I don’t know about where you guys are staying, but right here where I am it’s roasting hot. Roasting hot means barbecue time! Barbecues are pretty awesome, unless you’re vegetarian, then they’re pretty lame. Your choice of food is generally … Continue reading

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Terrified of lentils

A while ago a friend of mine gave me a recipe for red lentil soup. She once made me some, I thought it was amazing. Before that day, I had always been terrified of lentils. Terrified of lentils? Oh yes. … Continue reading

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Leftover rice made hangover rice

I love eating rice. I hate cooking rice. I’m sure you understand how this is sometimes a problem. The reason I hate cooking rice is that I make it a lot of hassle. I wash my rice until the water … Continue reading

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The joys of home-grown food for us pale city dwellers

Home-grown food is the best ever. It’s fresh, it tastes like love and attention went into growing it, and, equally important, it’s usually free. Unfortunately, I don’t have a garden to grow food in. I live in the West End … Continue reading

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