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Frugal frittata

Stop right there, you fiend! You were about to throw away that left-over pasta, weren’t you? Or were you about to microwave it? I’m not sure which is more deplorable… Microwave pasta always becomes pretty dry and rubbery, but binning … Continue reading

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My life with my new flatmates, part IV: Beyond all sense of shame

Time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve been in Turin for more than three months now. I’ve made a nice wee home for myself, and I’ve gotten used to most things here. My work, my daily routine, the pubs … Continue reading

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The reason you are not going to lose any weight this month

Only a couple of weeks ago it was New Year’s. That means that you’ve all forgotten about your New Year’s resolution by now, and your brand-new gym membership cards have started gathering their very first layers of dust. ‘Dry January’ … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like to talk about Dutch cuisine

People tend to forget all about this, but I’m actually Dutch. It’s an easy mistake to make, as I keep going on about Scotland and how ‘we’ do things in Scotland and I haven’t actually properly lived in the Netherlands … Continue reading

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More booze, more fun

As I have mentioned before, a dessert without booze is not really a dessert. Consequently, it could be said that desserts with more booze in it are better desserts, and this reasoning makes trifle the King and Queen of desserts. … Continue reading

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