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Swedish Christmas/New year’s glögg

Alright everyone, best wishes and all that! Partyyyyy! As it’s almost the end of the year, I’d like to see you all off to 2016 with a highly alcoholic recipe. It only seems appropriate, right? Once again, and probably for … Continue reading

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Danish Christmas pudding

Still panicking over what to make for Christmas dessert? Panic no more! Already spent the past 3 months building up your boozy Christmas pudding? Chuck it out! This year we’re going for a Danish-style Christmas! If you’re a frequent visitor … Continue reading

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Pear preferences

There are two types of people in this world: those who like their pears hard, and those who like their pears soft. These two groups are irreconcilable, and I’ve never heard of someone changing preference. I’m of the hard pear type. … Continue reading

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Meeting your replacement

The worst thing about moving to new places is leaving other ones behind. The best thing about moving around Europe is that you’ll never lack a place to crash. The weirdest thing about moving on is when you go back … Continue reading

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Danish-Dutch-Catalan romesco

Now that I study at a pretty international university, I’m constantly surrounded by all these interesting foreign types, which is great! It’s mostly Europeans on my course, although we get the odd Asian student as well. Although Dutch is a … Continue reading

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