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My life with my new flatmates, part II: nuts

My flatmates, being Italian, are very fond of getting fresh products right from the source. They seem to have all these sneaky contacts that sell them the most delicious things ever, no shops needed. For instance, Blenderman has his own … Continue reading

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The terror of cooking for Italians

As a few of you may know already, I recently moved back to Italy. Blogwise, it’s kind of like going home – this is where it all began two and a half years ago, in Genova. This time I’m in … Continue reading

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Waiter, can I have some spicy?

If you’ve followed this blog for quite a while, you’ll know that I lived in Italy for a year a while back. In fact, that’s how all of this began. I needed a place to write down all the new … Continue reading

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Slutty spaghetti

I am ridiculously gullible. Or let me specify: I am ridiculously gullible if I don’t see any obvious benefit, monetary or other, from whatever lie I’m being told. I don’t see myself losing my savings to a Nigerian prince, for … Continue reading

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