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The divination rites of San Giovanni

Sometimes the Catholics come up with some pretty good stuff. For instance, patron saints. San Giovanni is Turin’s patron saint, and yesterday was his holiday, which meant that the whole city got the day off and at night there was … Continue reading

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Frugal frittata

Stop right there, you fiend! You were about to throw away that left-over pasta, weren’t you? Or were you about to microwave it? I’m not sure which is more deplorable… Microwave pasta always becomes pretty dry and rubbery, but binning … Continue reading

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The ups and downs of a working woman in Turin

Guys, did I mention before that living in Turin is bloody awesome? It is. These people have got it going on. We’re almost in November and the weather’s still wonderful. Yes, the occasional bit of rain, but at least we’re … Continue reading

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Slutty spaghetti

I am ridiculously gullible. Or let me specify: I am ridiculously gullible if I don’t see any obvious benefit, monetary or other, from whatever lie I’m being told. I don’t see myself losing my savings to a Nigerian prince, for … Continue reading

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