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Angry food to appease the angry mobs.

Last week I wrote about people who don’t like celery, and how I didn’t understand how they could possibly dislike it. It turns out I had seriously underestimated how many of those people there are, and also, how much they … Continue reading

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Stuff people dislike.

The 5 food products that you most often hear people don’t like, in my experience, are cheese, raisins, olives, creepy sea creatures and fizzy drinks. Go through your mental list of friends and family and I’m pretty sure you will … Continue reading

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The Garcia effect (or: The health benefits of ginger lemon honey tea)

Has anyone of you ever had that experience when you can’t eat something any more, because of a negative association? For example, if you once get absolutely smashed on, say, rosé, and you get so drunk that you end the … Continue reading

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The pains of baking.

A Scottish lady whom I don’t know personally but whose blog I do sometimes read, publishes excellent short stories (amongst other things) on her blog, The Deadliness of Leisure. It recently occurred to me that a fair share of her … Continue reading

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Goodbye rabbit, hello dragon.

A couple of weekends ago was Chinese New year! The year of the rabbit has ended, welcome year of the dragon. I have been so lucky this year as to make friends with a Chinese girl, and was invited to … Continue reading

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