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Fantoosh the fishmonger’s face-sized fish

My friend C recently showed up to my house with some very exciting news. “Ohmygod Ladittatrice there’s a new fishmonger right around the corner where the Chinese herb shop used to be and they’re called Fantoosh and I was there … Continue reading

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Thou shalt eat at 1 o’clock sharp

Italians can sometimes be a bit weird. For example, they simply do not seem to grasp the concept of having lunch whenever you want. In Italy, one has lunch at 1 pm. One does not have lunch at any other … Continue reading

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The belated but inevitable recipe for pesto alla genovese

You know what is an outrage? That I have lived in Genova for over a year and that I have never posted the recipe for real pesto alla Genovese. The last couple of weeks I was back in my lovely … Continue reading

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Love and meringues

My flatmate makes goddamn fantastic meringues. I normally don’t even like meringues but I love these. My love really does like meringues and he went nuts for these. I knew he had a sweet tooth but it was new to … Continue reading

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