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Dubious didactics of a slacking teacher

I may have mentioned before that I’m a teacher now. I teach English here in Italy, in a private language school. I’m a pretty shitty teacher, probably. My didactic skills are OK, and students love me, that’s not the point. … Continue reading

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I think before my days are done, I want to be a fisher(wo)man

The nice season has arrived, and that means two things for us pale city dwellers here in Turin: 1) we have to deal with occasional random hailstorms that come out of goddamn nowhere and that destroy everything in their path, … Continue reading

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An arduous desire for fish

I am really dying for some fish, and have been for some time. Unfortunately, as I wrote ages and ages ago, I’m not really that good with fish. I don’t really know how to season it, what to do with … Continue reading

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Maybe a few weeks ago you read my post on sauerkraut, thought it looked super delicious and decided you wanted to have a go at it. Maybe you then bought a massive jar of sauerkraut that you could never finish. … Continue reading

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Fantoosh’s fish guerrilla

Fantoosh fish. Do you remember them? I wrote about them a few posts back. I have another amusing story about them. It all began a few weeks ago… *flashback starts* A few innocent tweets (yes, I am on twitter) prompted … Continue reading

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