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My friend, the vegan

Last weekend my best friend C and I went to Dundee to visit our dear friend G. This was very exciting, not only because Dundee was a whole new city to me and because we saw a seal on our … Continue reading

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The attack of the giant moussaka

If any of you are into obscure, foreign, B-rated cinema, I highly recommend the Greek film “The Attack of the Giant Moussaka”. It was recommended to me by someone I consider a learned and cultured person. Although I was sceptical … Continue reading

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Did you notice that the last two recipes and stories weren’t quite as elaborate as usual? Yes? In that case I apologise. But even the most imperial of dictators need a holiday every now and then. The past few weeks … Continue reading

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Home-made herby butter

In the category “Wow, really, I never knew you could make that yourself”: herby butter. Or garlic butter. Either. Both. It’s super simple and not that much work, if you have a food processor, at least. Or a hand blender, … Continue reading

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