Jaffa cakes When my sister and I were visiting Hungary, we came across these strawberry Jaffa cakes. I bought them immediately, not because they seemed particularly nice, but just because I thought it was such an odd rarity. They weren’t great, but it was fun trying them.


Spring Next to the university gym building there’s a bunch of trees. Hot air from a vent has made the end of one single branch of one of these trees bloom, whilst the others are still bare of leaves or blossom.


Signs On a walk from Monterosso to Vernazza last week we encountered this sign. Because the path is a bit narrow at some points (with a 10 ft drop to one side), and wee avalanches sometimes make it rain pebbles or rocks on your head, there’s signs with an emergency phone number and coordinates of where you are. There’s also one emergency phone at one point, and this is the sign attached to it that is meant to discourage you from messing about with the thing. Seems a bit harsh for just misusing the emergency number. Cracked me up though.

Capital punishment reintroduced in Italy.

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