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Great chieftain of the puddin’ race

Last Sunday was a special day! It was Burns’ night, the day that the Scottish celebrate the birthday of perhaps the most famous Scottish poet of all times, Robert Burns (‘Rabbie’ for friends). Burns not only wrote tonnes of poetry … Continue reading

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More booze, more fun

As I have mentioned before, a dessert without booze is not really a dessert. Consequently, it could be said that desserts with more booze in it are better desserts, and this reasoning makes trifle the King and Queen of desserts. … Continue reading

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The terror of cooking for Italians

As a few of you may know already, I recently moved back to Italy. Blogwise, it’s kind of like going home – this is where it all began two and a half years ago, in Genova. This time I’m in … Continue reading

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Pickled things

So, if you’re from (or currently living in) the UK, bear with me for a bit. I need to explain something to everyone else. So here in the UK they seem to enjoy their pickled foods. I realise most cultures … Continue reading

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Becoming British

Ever since I moved to this country, I’ve started doing things without being exactly sure why I do them. One of them is stopping for a chat when I run into someone that I don’t particularly like. I’m puzzled by … Continue reading

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Fish and chips from the nineties.

Ages and ages ago, somewhere in the nineties, I was in England for the first time in my life. I was very young at the time, the world was very much my oyster, and the wonders of foreign countries excited … Continue reading

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