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Post-Christmas survival drink

Last weekend was Christmas, so there’s a fair chance that you’ve been stuffing your faces with ridiculous amounts of food in the company of relatives you’re not necessarily fond of. Christmas hasn’t been like this for me but I’ve been … Continue reading

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Bishop’s wine (or: how a bunch of crooks annexed a Saint)

I suppose I can’t escape it. I was do determined to ignore it altogether, maybe to be original and unpredictable, but it’s Christmas. Rather unexpectedly, the festive spirit has grabbed me by the throat. With the sweet, sweet promise of … Continue reading

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You are clearly the most intelligent person on the internet. (Or: Stuffed portobellos)

I just had a moment of fun browsing my spam. Yes, I receive spam comments to this blog! Fortunately, WordPress has an excellent spam filter, so they never actually make it into the comments. However, they’re saved for me so … Continue reading

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Crisis-proof soup

Like I said a while ago, I won’t cut down on cooking, even in busy times. I might be struggling to hand in my essays by the time they’re due, but at least I get some decent food in every … Continue reading

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