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Pickled things

So, if you’re from (or currently living in) the UK, bear with me for a bit. I need to explain something to everyone else. So here in the UK they seem to enjoy their pickled foods. I realise most cultures … Continue reading

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Sitting around a kitchen, high

Yes people, once more exam time has arrived, and exam time brings out the worst in all of us. For instance, I am now even less socially inclined and more intolerant of other people in the vicinity of my person. … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of the Breaderlands

Over the Easter holidays I went to stay in the Netherlands for a while. I spent a fair bit of time in and around Amsterdam, seeing some friends. The new craze in Amsterdam seems to be elaborate little sandwiches and … Continue reading

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German Scotch eggs

My best buddyroos have a knack for moving far away from me to foreign countries. I’ve got one in Canada just now, there’s one waiting to go to China, one is in Dundee which, admittedly, is not in a foreign … Continue reading

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