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New Year’s hangover breakfast

Oh golly, it’s New Year’s Eve! How lovely. I wish you all the very best for 2015, although I doubt many of you will actually read this, as it’s NYE and most people will be busy drinking by now. I … Continue reading

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My life with my new flatmates, part VI: yoghurt

Everyone has their quirks, and here in the flat, the three of us are no different. Specifically, we all have products that we must have in the house at all times, or we freak out. My product is eggs. What … Continue reading

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Unemployed smoothie maker

A few years ago I worked for a catering company. We catered for all sorts of parties and events, but the best weekend of the year was a flower festival near where I stay. A whole bunch of rich people … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Ottolenghi

For someone who’s as excited about food as I am, I’m surprisingly unaware of culinary trends. Maybe it doesn’t help that I don’t have a TV – I never see or hear what any of the celeb chefs dictate and … Continue reading

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