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Dutch white gold fever

The Dutch are a peculiar nation. They get so excited so easily. For instance, something the Dutch get very excited about is Queensday (or, from this year onward, Kingsday), a national holiday loosely centred around the monarch. As the big … Continue reading

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Cupcakes for the wounded

A very dear friend of mine has had a somewhat unfortunate accident recently. Nothing life threatening, nothing that requires casts or major surgery, just something very unfortunate. He managed to almost cut off the tip of his left index finger. … Continue reading

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Dinner club

Guess what! I’ve been invited to a dinner club. As in, a bunch of people who get together more or less regularly and then eat things that they’ve made. This is new to me. I’m not really that much of … Continue reading

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Sitting around a kitchen, high

Yes people, once more exam time has arrived, and exam time brings out the worst in all of us. For instance, I am now even less socially inclined and more intolerant of other people in the vicinity of my person. … Continue reading

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Goodbye rabbit, hello dragon.

A couple of weekends ago was Chinese New year! The year of the rabbit has ended, welcome year of the dragon. I have been so lucky this year as to make friends with a Chinese girl, and was invited to … Continue reading

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