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We loved kale before it was cool

For reasons that I cannot imagine, kale somehow became hip in the past few years. Kale, the least appetising-looking, toughest, most indestructible vegetable known to man. I’m sure it was announced somewhere to be full of antioxidants, and suddenly, as these things go, … Continue reading

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When in doubt, it’s Flemish!

Because Italians are inherently suspicious of what I cook, I sometimes lie to them in order to sound more expert. In any other nation, people would be impressed by the words “I just threw this together once and it came … Continue reading

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Can I take your order?

Italians can be so delightfully impractical at times. They’re incredibly hospitable, but at the same time they’re insufferable know-it-alls, and these two qualities put together sometimes make for interesting experiences. For instance, when I go out for dinner with people … Continue reading

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German Scotch eggs

My best buddyroos have a knack for moving far away from me to foreign countries. I’ve got one in Canada just now, there’s one waiting to go to China, one is in Dundee which, admittedly, is not in a foreign … Continue reading

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How the Irish use potatoes to startle tourists

So, I went to Ireland last week. Has anyone of you ever been to Ireland? It’s a pretty magical place. I absolutely loved it. I’d never been to Ireland so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I mean, I … Continue reading

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