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Living like a pauper

Sometimes I really pinch the pennies. I don’t really know why, I just seem to do it. I live as if I’m really poor, but I’m not really that poor at all, so I guess at this point I’m just … Continue reading

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The reason you are not going to lose any weight this month

Only a couple of weeks ago it was New Year’s. That means that you’ve all forgotten about your New Year’s resolution by now, and your brand-new gym membership cards have started gathering their very first layers of dust. ‘Dry January’ … Continue reading

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At the parental unit

It’s summer, uni’s over, and I’m staying with my parents in the Netherlands. I love staying with my parents, for sundry reasons, the foremost being that they’re really great. They’re lovely folks and I like to hang out with them, … Continue reading

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The limited world of British vegetarians

I pity the vegetarians in this country. In the UK, more than elsewhere, you have to go through considerable trouble to avoid eating meat. It’s goddamn everywhere. Order soup, there’ll be strips of crispy bacon. Order a salad, there’ll be … Continue reading

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