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The post-Venice blues remedy

Last weekend I was in Venice, and now I’m depressed. (By depressed I mean ‘a little sad’.) It’s a strange cause and effect, at first sight, but it’s easily explained: I’m depressed because I live in Turin, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Did you notice that the last two recipes and stories weren’t quite as elaborate as usual? Yes? In that case I apologise. But even the most imperial of dictators need a holiday every now and then. The past few weeks … Continue reading

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The magic of food on foreign holidays, or: why edible souvenirs are never as good back home

If you have ever been on a holiday abroad and you have brought some souvenirs of a gastronomic nature back with you, then you might recognise the following: food that you eat and love abroad, food with the potential to … Continue reading

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