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What to do when your oven is an oven/microwave combo

As I may have mentioned before, I’m once again back to being a penniless, scruffy student, and with it comes all the charmĀ of student life, such as having a tiny tiny kitchen. My tiny tiny kitchen also has a tiny … Continue reading

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What a terrible misunderstanding that I accidentally cleared up last week. In Italy, people tend to go absolutely wild when you mention you’re going to make boeuf bourguignon. I always thought this was a bit weird, as boeuf bourguignon is … Continue reading

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What to do with a kilo of cherries when eating them raw is not a viable option

Here is an interesting fact about Turin: Turin is the only city in Italy that has a market in every single quartiere (or neighbourhood)! So I’ve been told, at least. I’m inclined to believe it, because there is in fact … Continue reading

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A book, for lack of a lover

When I was in Paris a few weeks ago, I bought this nifty wee cookbook in the Institute du Monde Arabe. I hardly speak French, but I figured learning it from a cookbook would be the second most pleasant and … Continue reading

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