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Why Glasgow is like Naples

Glasgow is pretty similar to Naples when you think about it. The similarities are mostly in the cities’ reputations (undeservedly bad), inhabitants (incomprehensible to most) and most importantly, of course, food (delicious but unorthodox). A few years ago I was … Continue reading

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Home-made herby butter

In the category “Wow, really, I never knew you could make that yourself”: herby butter. Or garlic butter. Either. Both. It’s super simple and not that much work, if you have a food processor, at least. Or a hand blender, … Continue reading

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More perks of staying with your parents

Last week I wrote about the delights of staying at my parents’ for a while: exploiting them and making them pay for my ridiculous ingredients. Well, it doesn’t stop there. In addition to ingredients I don’t usually buy myself, I … Continue reading

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Becoming British

Ever since I moved to this country, I’ve started doing things without being exactly sure why I do them. One of them is stopping for a chat when I run into someone that I don’t particularly like. I’m puzzled by … Continue reading

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