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The sinister side of goats’ cheese

It’s time for goats’ cheese again, people! I realise I’ve been going a bit mental on the goats’ cheese lately (well, just last week, but that’s still twice in a row) but it’s just so delicious! It makes everything instantly … Continue reading

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Store-cupboard soup for post-travel poverty

As I said, a couple of weeks ago I was in Ireland. And a while before that I was in Poland. And before that I was in the Netherlands to spend Christmas with my family. “But Dittatrice”, I hear you … Continue reading

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Emergency swede chips

Aaah, student life. The best life you could lead. Almost unlimited liberty. Very few responsibilities. Opportunities to get to know new people. The slow but steady accumulation of knowledge (even if, in my case, this knowledge is almost exclusively of … Continue reading

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