The post-Venice blues remedy

Last weekend I was in Venice, and now I’m depressed. (By depressed I mean ‘a little sad’.) It’s a strange cause and effect, at first sight, but it’s easily explained: I’m depressed because I live in Turin, and I don’t live in Venice. This reality kind of sucks for me. It’s not that I necessarily want to live in Venice – it’s more that I’ve come to realise that maybe I don’t want to live in Turin. Not Venice specifically – just somewhere else.

Turin is like the Sweden of Italy. Everything costs a fortune. People never want to leave their goddamn houses. Half the year the weather here is fucking miserable. As I rode the train back to my adoptive home town, I realised that hardly any of my friends here are locals – almost all of them are from other Italians cities, or they’re plain foreign like me, because will the Turinese hang out with you? Will they fuck.

Maybe I sort of knew all of this already, but it took a visit to a different city to point it out to me, because I hadn’t thought of it before. And so it never bothered me before, but now it suddenly does. Suddenly I also want to stand about small streets and drink tiny glasses of wine. Suddenly I also want to pay no more than 2,50 for a spritz and drink it from a plastic cup on the side of a canal. I want to do all that, and I want to stand about in the sun and smell the water everywhere, and watch people saunter past, enjoying the day and the view and life in general. It’s just the general way of life that I saw there (and in most other Italian cities, for that matter) that seems to be completely absent from Turin. Around here, people enjoy other things, like working and paying their mortgages – things I don’t give a rats arse about.

It’s cool. I’ll feel a lot better by next week, I’m sure. It’s just the post-holiday blues that I’m feeling. And as long as it lasts, I’ll just do what normal girls do when they’re feeling down: I’ll drink. Spritzes, because that’s what they drink in Venice. Spritzes, made with Aperol and sparkling white wine, with an olive on a stick. That’ll perk me right up.

Yep, this will do nicely.

For any spritz you will need:

  • 3 parts of prosecco
  • 2 parts of aperol
  • 1 part of soda water (or just sparkling water, what do you care)

Then you’ll also want some ice cubes, a green olive and a stick to impale it on.

I could try to make this recipe sound more interesting than it is but really, all you have to do is chuck the ingredients in together. If you want to funk it up a little bit, instead of Aperol you could use Campari or Cynar.

I love my spritz.

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2 Responses to The post-Venice blues remedy

  1. Adelbert Verhagen says:

    Ik vond je sfogo wel wat serieus, maar het slot is dan wel weer verrassend. Ik ga er straks eentje inschenken; jammer dat we geen serranoham in huis hebben. Naar Hein ben ik al geweest en de (kans op) regen is me te link. Proost en tot morgen.


  2. vexillaregis says:

    camparicamparicampari. and the other side of the apennines. south. btw godflesh and eyehategod are playing in Rome this month.


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