New Year’s hangover breakfast

Oh golly, it’s New Year’s Eve! How lovely. I wish you all the very best for 2015, although I doubt many of you will actually read this, as it’s NYE and most people will be busy drinking by now. I probably am, I don’t know, I’m typing this in advance so that I can just party on the 31st. You’ve probably already done all of your shopping, and hopefully you’ve got all the food for tonight sorted. Whatever it is, I hope it’ll be suitably heavy so that your stomach is totally prepared for all the heavy lifting it’s going to have to do tonight. For tomorrow morning, however, when everyone will be appropriately hungover, I might be of some help.

I don’t normally get very hungover. I’m not sure why, although I imagine the training I got in Scotland may have something to do with this. When I do get hungover, it’s normally quite dramatic. What can I say, I don’t like doing anything half-arsed, including suffering the consequences of a night on the booze. In those cases I need a large glass of water with lemon (which I normally drink in the morning, but twice the normal quantity when I’ve got a hangover), and food. Lots of food, preferably of the hot and greasy type like some chili con carne or something.

Most people, as I understand, don’t really feel like eating chili when they’re hungover, and need something lighter to start the day. For those people I recommend savoury yoghurt. Savoury yoghurt is fantastic, because it’s just like eating sweet yoghurt (you know, with fruit or muesli) but it’s not sweet and therefore less sickening to a delicate stomach. Half dead and hungover is arguably a terrible way to start a new year, but this should perk you right up and make you feel a little more healthy again. Plus, look at it from the positive side: technically you started your year drunk, which is a great way to start a year!

savoury yoghurt, the best yoghurtFor one hungover individual, you need:

  • some Greek yoghurt
  • half an avocado
  • about 6 cherry tomatoes
  • a tsp of lemon zest
  • some freshly ground salt and pepper
  • a small splash of olive oil

Savoury yoghurt is really, really just like sweet yoghurt, but, of course, you can’t use pre-sweetened yoghurt for it. Get some natural Greek yoghurt without sugar or sweeteners.

Put your yoghurt in a bowl. Quarter your tomatoes, and cut your avocado in slices or cubes, as you prefer. Add them to the yoghurt, then zest some lemon and add it to the bunch. Top with some freshly ground salt and pepper, and a modest sprinkle of olive oil. Eat it with your ginormous glass of lemon water, and, depending on what state you’re in, a paracetamol.

IMG_2420 IMG_2424 IMG_2433

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