Frugal frittata

Stop right there, you fiend! You were about to throw away that left-over pasta, weren’t you? Or were you about to microwave it? I’m not sure which is more deplorable…

Microwave pasta always becomes pretty dry and rubbery, but binning any food is of course the work of the devil, so I imagine you find yourself in a pretty sticky situation.

Well dear God-fearing, law-abiding citizen, you need not worry. Because I have the perfect solution right here. Or rather, the Neapolitans, as always, have the perfect solution right here and I’m going to pretend it’s mine. It’s a frittata di pasta, or pasta omelette, really, a delicious omelette that you fill with your left-over spaghetti or penne or whatever, and it’s delicious and easy and frugal. So frugal.

It doesn’t matter at all what kind of pasta you have left, and whether you’ve already mixed it with sauce or not (although with sauce is infinitely better than without, of course). You can add any kind of ingredients that you like to make it more interesting, such as cheese, meat, or fresh herbs, or you can leave it plain and maybe serve it with a little bit of sauce or some salad. I always double-carb and have some bread with it, but it’s up to you.

frittata spaghetti

For my version I used linguine with a simple tomato sauce, some scamorza and some black pepper. Scamorza is a smoked cheese, which gives it a nice little kick, but you can use any type of cheese, or, like I said, anything else you have in the fridge. If you can’t be bothered with creativity, go for the following:

  • whatever pasta you have left
  • 6 eggs
  • some scamorza or any other cheese you have, really, anything from your fridge is fine
  • some black pepper and possibly some fresh parsley, if you have
  • some oil for frying
  • some salt, to taste

Smash your eggs and beat them the hell up. Mix in the pepper, some salt and if you’re using them, the fresh herbs. Heat some oil in a frying pan and toss in your pasta. Mix in the cheese (and any other ingredients you might be using), then pour the egg mixture over. Leave for a while, then flip – this way both sides cook properly, plus the cheese will get all melty and delicious.

Serve with bread, salad or whatever!

frittata spaghetti frittata spaghetti

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3 Responses to Frugal frittata

  1. jeroen69 says:

    My lovely wife, my brother and myself tried this with a base of Aunt Giorgia’s pasta and sauce and is was awesome! Or–as my wife would say–waanzinnig! :-)


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