What I miss about living in Glasgow

It’s been a month since I moved away from Glasgow. I haven’t had much time to miss the place just yet. I’ve been quite busy over the past month, catching up with friends and family, and generally enjoying a bit of time off after 5 years of hard work at Glasgow Uni, so I’ve been sufficiently distracted. But I’ve started having these Willy Wonka style flashbacks, triggered by seemingly innocent impulses: a song I used to dance to in the Cathouse, a sketch from Limmy’s Show filmed in the West End, the smell of fried eggs.

Strangely, I seem to miss a lot of things I didn’t really expect to miss that much. I miss the Uni library, and watching the looks of despair on the faces of other students when I was on a coffee break during exam time. I miss the rare occasions of spotting DJ Muppet from the Cathouse in the wild, going about his daily business. I miss using the word ‘cheers’ to mean ‘thanks’ about 60 times a day. I miss cooking for one and always knowing exactly what was in my fridge and what dinner that would make for the next two days.

The other day I suddenly missed tattie scones, or potato scones. This was unexpected, because I never really ate tattie scones all that much when I lived in Scotland. I never bought them myself, I usually ate them at my friend C’s house. Maybe that’s why I suddenly had a craving for them. Maybe it was more that I missed staying over at her place, dossing about, watching Dr. Who, eating crisps and drinking Irn Bru, and having her angel of a mother cook me breakfast in the morning.

C wasn’t much for eating breakfast, she’d just have a bowl of cereal, but for me, C’s mum always made a proper breakfast, with eggs and bacon. And with tattie scones. C learned how to make them before she left for China a few months ago. She said they were dead easy to make. Time to give them a shot myself! tattie scones My friend’s recipe is in ounces, but no amount of time in Scotland is going to make me go imperial, so let’s change that into grams, shall we? For about 16 – 20 traditionally shaped (triangular) tattie scones, you will need:

  • 400gr potatoes, peeled
  • 100gr flour
  • 30gr butter
  • pinch of salt

So you boil the potatoes, leave them to cool down and dry for a wee bit, then you mash them up with the butter and a pinch of salt. Once you’ve got a smooth mixture, add the flour. Gradually add a little bit in, mix well, then add the next bit. IMG_0580 Stick a heavy-base frying pan on the fire, it needs to be really hot when you put the first scones in. Whilst you wait for it to heat up properly, start rolling out the potato dough. On a generously floured surface, use a rolling pin to roll portions of the dough into circular shapes (they don’t need to be perfectly round) of about 20cm diameter. Chuck it into the dry frying pan. Now grab a pizza cutter if you have one, otherwise just use a knife or your fish slice, and slice the big round tattie scone into 4 more or less triangular shaped tattie scones. Don’t cut all the way through, it’s easier to flip and it’ll still be easy to pull them apart if you just leave an impression.

Alternatively, you could just make round tattie scones so that they fit on your roll perfectly. Use a bowl or a large mug to cut circles out of the dough. IMG_0583 After dry-frying them like this on both sides, put them on some paper towel and leave them to cool. Once they’re cool, you can re-fry them, this time in some oil. Then you should probably serve them hot, in a roll, topped with a fried egg, some bacon, or both! And some brown sauce. Hmmmmmm. IMG_0586 IMG_0590 tattie scones

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3 Responses to What I miss about living in Glasgow

  1. dellaia says:

    Deze laatste heb ik persoonlijk en met groot genoegen opgegeten. Wat leuk om mijn eigen reuzesnack te herkennen.


  2. Luffy Moogan says:

    OMG those look JUST what I want to eat right now! Great photos:-)


  3. Cheers, always good to hear :) I say give them a shot, they’re pretty easy and nicer than the ready-made ones!


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