My Scottish family

Five years ago I moved to Glasgow. It was a bold move, at the time. I didn’t know anyone here, and I had never even been to Scotland and yet there I went, to study at Glasgow uni, implying a stay of at least 4 years. It was kinda hard at first, because I don’t really make friends all that easily. Up to the middle of the second semester, I was having fun – but probably not as much fun as I’d imagined before I left.

However, one girl who was in a few of my Latin classes stood out to me. She remembered my name straight away (which is unusual, as my name is weird and foreign and unpronounceable to most), told me to sit next to her in class and essentially never let me go. Whether we’re actually soul mates, or I just developed Stockholm syndrome, this girl became my closest friend in Glasgow. You may have read about her in this blog – she’s the previously mentioned C.

However, C became more to me than my friend. She became my sister, as encouraged by her parents, who practically adopted me and treated me as if I were their own daughter.When I went to stay over, my favourite food would be ready for me as we arrived. When C and I went on trips together, I’d be given some pocket money for ice cream or a pint, just like C. On my 21st birthday, they threw me a party, complete with cake, gifts and champagne. As I was always fairly far away from my biological family, it was really good to have a family away from home.

My friend C left to go and live abroad a few weeks ago, and meanwhile, I’m close to leaving Glasgow as well. Maybe I’ll be out of here for a while, maybe for good, I’m not yet sure. Either way, I’ll miss these people more than they might realise. So this week’s post is in their honour. To C(senior) and J, for always making me feel at home. For making me feel welcome at all times. And for stuffing me with all the tasty snacks I could ever wish for.

Top hats, a favourite of mine that C’s mum would make us for no real reason other than that I liked them:

top hats

They’re called top hats because they look like top hats. Sorta.

For a bunch of top hats, you will need:

  • A slab of cadbury’s Dairy Milk, or if you’re outside the UK, a slab of creamy milk chocolate
  • a bunch of marshmallows
  • an equal amount of smarties
  • little paper cups as in the picture above – don’t use fairy cake cups, they’re too big

Melt the chocolate au bain-marie. When soft and liquid, pour the chocolate into the cups, filling them about halfway up. Then stick a marshmallow in the middle, pushing down slightly so as to get stuck in the chocolate. Once you’ve done this, use a small spoon to put a little bit of liquid chocolate on top of each marshmallow. Stick a smartie in that liquid chocolate for decoration.

Stick the top hats in the fridge until the chocolate is solid again. Eat until you feel loved.

IMG_9246 IMG_9247 top hats chocolate

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  1. Che gran voglia di mangiarli ;)


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