Maybe a few weeks ago you read my post on sauerkraut, thought it looked super delicious and decided you wanted to have a go at it. Maybe you then bought a massive jar of sauerkraut that you could never finish. And maybe that jar is still leering at you from the back of the fridge. No? Because that sure did happen to me. Those jars really are massive and there’s only so much sauerkraut you can eat by yourself.

For the longest time, I wasn’t too bothered, because, as I wrote, sauerkraut holds forever – it wasn’t gonna go off any time soon. However, I’m used to sauerkraut being winter food. (Traditionally it must have been precisely that – preserved cabbage to keep you going in the dead of winter, after you’d finished all your fresh food.) Up until about a week ago, that wasn’t a problem – temperatures were stuck at 12 degrees and it didn’t feel like spring at all. But now the weather’s changed and I’ve been in the mood for much more summery food. And meanwhile that jar of krauts was still only half empty.

Thankfully I remembered a sauerkraut dish that an aunt of mine made me years ago. I really liked it back then and I distinctly remember having it on a warm day. It’s a sort of quiche with sauerkraut and salmon. It’s an unexpected combination (or it was to me, at the time) but it works really well. If you have it with bucketloads of white wine, it even feels like a summer’s dish.

salmon sauerkraut quiche


For a wee quiche you will need:

  • half a slab, or about 175 gr, of puff pastry
  • a wee tin of salmon – I’m too poor to buy fresh salmon, but if you insist you can use the fresh variety
  • a bunch of sauerkraut – two handfuls or something
  • 2 tbsp of crème fraîche
  • 2 eggs
  • a bunch of fresh chervil, chopped – if you can’t get any chervil you could use dill, which works nicely (but in a smaller quantity), or leave it altogether
  • salt and pepper

Roll out the pastry to fit your dish or cake tin – I used a small wee round cake tin, about 20 cm diameter. Use butter or oil for greasing the tin, then put the pastry in and poke little holes in the bottom with a fork.

Fill the tin with the sauerkraut and the salmon, make sure you mix the two well.

Beat the eggs, then add the crème fraîche, the chopped chervil, and a bit of salt and pepper. Mix well and pour over the salmon and krauts. Now make a little decorative grid on top with what you have left from rolling out the puff pastry earlier, then pop it in the over, 180°C, for about half an hour.

Take it out, leave it for about 10 minutes, then cut it up. Serve with a bunch of white wine.

IMG_9759 IMG_9760 salmon sauerkraut quiche

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