Exam-time library lunch

It’s exam time, which means panic. It also means that I’ve had to cook strategically, spending as little time as possible in the kitchen whilst still eating healthy. This is not some sort of diet nazi OCD, I actually like healthy food more than I like junkfood, and I also think you need it more than any time during exams.

Over the last week I’ve been cheating a lot, living on fruit and salad, because those are healthy and also easy. Salad only requires that you chop up some ingredients and chuck them in a bowl or tupperware, whilst fruit requires absolutely nothing, unless you’re talking satsumas or bananas, in which case it requires peeling – still very minimal.

When I’ve felt I wanted to eat something more substantial and, more importantly, warm, I’ve resorted to stir fry or fried rice pretty often. It only takes a few minutes to make, you can practically chuck in anything you have in the fridge and it’s still good when it’s cold, so you can make lots of it and take some to uni the next day to eat in the library – mind you, in the café bit, not near books. Best lunch ever, cold fried rice topped with fresh coriander, peanuts, lemon juice and spring onion.

IMG_9786 tasty stir fry fried rice

For one dinner and one lunch, you will need:

  • two cups of cooked white rice
  • vegetables of your choice in bitesize chunks – I used broccoli, mushrooms and onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • 1/2 fresh chili, chopped
  • some fresh coriander, chopped finely, stalks and all
  • spices of your choice – I used ground coriander, ground cumin, black and white pepper, and a little bit of ground ginger
  • some sesame seed
  • 1 egg
  • dark soy sauce
  • oil for frying

For garnishing:

  • some spring onion
  • some fresh coriander
  • a lemon, for squeezing
  • some fresh peanuts

Take a frying pan and without oil, roast the peanuts on low heat.

Grab a wok, heat some oil and fry the chopped coriander along with the garlic, the dry spices (1 – 2  tsp of each coriander and cumin, 1/2 tsp of the ginger) and the fresh chili. When it starts to get all aromatic, chuck the vegetables in, along with the sesame seed. Rain down on those bad boys with soy sauce. Stir fry on high heat. Then add the rice, keep stir frying, and then the egg – keep stirring so it’s evenly distributed.

Top with fresh coriander, thinly sliced spring onion, peanuts and a little bit of lemon juice.

IMG_9788 IMG_9794 IMG_9795 IMG_9797 tasty stir fry fried rice

About La dittatrice

After years of being based in Glasgow, I've recently made a home for myself in Turin, Italy, for the time being, at least. This blog is my captain's log. Here I note down what I did, and what I ate. A story, then a recipe. That's how this here works. Updates on Wednesdays.
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2 Responses to Exam-time library lunch

  1. coksnu says:

    Superlekker Veerle! Dit ga ik maken binnenkort! X Coks


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