Sitting around a kitchen, high

Yes people, once more exam time has arrived, and exam time brings out the worst in all of us. For instance, I am now even less socially inclined and more intolerant of other people in the vicinity of my person. Moreover, exam time seems to render us students more pessimistic about our future. I say us students – what I really mean by that is us Arts students.

Another Arts graduate-to-be and I were recently indulging in a self-pity and self-deprecation spree, moaning about what useless degrees we were both about to get, and what could have been a better and more productive use of our time. Sadly, most things seemed more useful to us, but the only one we considered feasible to us was ‘sitting around a kitchen, high, coming up with cool food’. And unfortunately, the competition in that sector is pretty fierce.

You see, if you’re a chronic procrastinator, like the both of us are, and you hang around the internet way too much, you’ll have seen some pretty nifty ideas for food. If not, here’s one for you:

wurstelpasta, stoner idea

Not necessarily very good, I’m sure it’d be awful, but it certainly looks cool. There’s plenty of other amazing food ideas to be found online – panda bread, jar cakes, Hulk cocktails, whisky glasses made entirely out of ice, rainbow cakes. All so creative and colourful and clearly made up by people who were in no way distracted by the woes of the world. It’s the stoners of this world that come up with the most amazing food, and they don’t mind sharing it with the rest of us.

One of my favourite internet-kitchen-stoner ideas that I’ve come across is the slicey baked potato. Instead of quartering your baked potato as normal, you cut it up sideways, fill it with whatever and then you stick it back in the oven for a bit. Result: instead of four giant lumps of potato and not enough room for your delicious toppings, you get a potato with enough toppings that are, moreover, evenly distributed over the delicious starchy vehicle that is the spud. I flippin’ love it. So I made one and ate it all. And it was great. With any filling you want, but in this case with mushrooms, blue cheese, cheddar and spring onion.




So for one, you need:

  • a big baking potato
  • a few mushrooms
  • about 30 gr blue cheese
  • some grated cheddar
  • 1 spring onion

You bake your potato as normal: poke some holes in it with a fork, then wrap it up in tin foil and bake it at 200°C for about an hour. Then take it out and slice it up with a very sharp knife. Make sure there’s enough room for your fillings, but be careful not to separate the slices completely.

Slice your fillings up in thin slices so that they’re easier to pop into the potato. Don’t worry if anything sticks out quite a bit at the top – it’ll melt and disappear between the potato slices soon enough.

Now top with a whole bunch of grated cheese and some spring onion. Pop back into the oven for another 5 – 10 minutes. Top with yet more spring onion. Enjoy.

baked tattie, baked potato, jacket potato


baked tattie, jacket potato


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3 Responses to Sitting around a kitchen, high

  1. Dave says:

    One of my favourite posts :D


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