Allons enfants de la patrie!

Paris, Pariiiiis! I’m going on a holiday. I never thought I would go to Paris in the near future, but there you have it, the proof that weird and unexpected things can and do happen. The reason that I am going to Paris is that a dear friend of mine, who will probably move to Asia before the end of this summer, is going there, and she suggested I come with her when I was too hungover to argue. And because Paris is lovely and fabulous and French and all that, of course.

My friend had planned this trip ages ago, and originally she was going by herself. It was a last-minute idea to invite me along, and because of that, I unfortunately have to take a flight by myself, while she is taking the train from London. A flight might sound like the comfortable option, because she’ll also have to spend a night on a coach to London, and then several more hours on a train, in a tunnel. But I’m actually awfully uncomfortable on plains. I wouldn’t quite call it fear of flying, but I’m nervous enough that whenever the plane shakes a little bit, I’m convinced that WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE, OH GOD, WE’RE DOOMED.

So yeah, I actually would have enjoyed the train.

But it’s OK. I’ll put some excellent French music on my mp3-player and I’ll pack myself a nice wee French themed lunch to get me in the Paris mood. Surely, that way, time will fly past and I won’t mind the flight so much. I’m going to have a baguette with a rustic French omelette. Let’s call it an omelette rustique. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean what I’d like it to mean but at least it sounds vaguely French. This omelette probably isn’t French at all, but we can still pretend.

For one person, you’ll probably need:

  • Just a tiny chunk of courgette, about 3 cm
  • not even as much as half a red pepper
  • half a tomato, deseeded
  • a wee little onion, or a quarter or a normal one
  • a chunk of Camembert, because this one’s for the die-hards out there
  • 2 eggs
  • dash of milk, if you choose to use milk in your omelette
  • some fresh thyme
  • salt and pepper
  • bread, to serve

Chop up all of the vegetables very finely. Fry them in some olive oil in a frying pan, add enough salt and pepper, and once they’re done, remove them from the pan and keep them in a bowl or on a plate or something. Whisk up the eggs with the milk, then use the same pan to make the omelette in. Once the omelette is done on the bottom side and looks about done-ish on the top side, put the vegetables back in the pan, all on one side of the omelette. Top with a few slices of Camembert, then close the omelette by folding the other half over the filling.

Leave for a couple more minutes so the cheese melts.

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