Fantoosh the fishmonger’s face-sized fish

My friend C recently showed up to my house with some very exciting news.

“Ohmygod Ladittatrice there’s a new fishmonger right around the corner where the Chinese herb shop used to be and they’re called Fantoosh and I was there today and I bought a piece of salmon AS BIG AS MY FACE!”

Mother of God. As big as your face, you say? I must go and see this fishy wonderland!

Oh my god look at all the fish!

Hello, I'm a big red fish and I'm just lying about in the ice.

We went to the shop and I had a little browse around. It was indeed a magical fishy wonderland. Oh the salmon, the rainbow trout, the cod, the Scottish prawns! Surprisingly, they also sell poultry. They had partridges, pheasants and ducks. I’m not too sure what business partridges and pheasants have at the fishmongers’ but I am really pleased that they have them, and I suppose ducks live in (or at least near) the water as well so they could kind of count as fish. Lastly, to add to the excitement, as if the fish and the poultry weren’t enough, the fishmongers turned out to be two fairly attractive young fellows, not at all the kind of beardy sailors you’d expect them to be. What a place!

Obviously, I wanted to buy all the fish and go back the next day. But unfortunately, I haven’t been back since that first time. I don’t really know what to do with fish. I hardly ever cook fish. That day, I just bought a piece of salmon as well. Not as big as my face, but still of a very generous size. You can’t go wrong with salmon. Even if you’re a fishnoob like me, salmon will always be tasty.

So, salmon with herb and garlic butter!

Quantities depend on how much salmon you have, obviously, so you might want to decide for yourself if you need more or less, just guess a little.

  • a slice of salmon
  • a teaspoon each of dried thyme, basil, oregano and sage
  • a clove of garlic
  • a knob of butter
  • salt and pepper

Put the dried herbs in a little bowl and add a small amount of hot water. Leave them to soak for a wee bit.

Take a knob of butter and put it in a bowl (or something), leave it to soften for a while so that it becomes easy to fluff up with a fork. Add a generous pinch of salt and a bit of pepper. Your dried herbs should have gone a bit soft with the hot water. If there’s still water in the bowl that has not been soaked up by the herbs, yo’ve put in too much. Get rid of it. If you’ve added the right amount, all you have left is some sort of green herby concoction. Add it to the butter. Then grab the clove of garlic, remove the planty thing if you want, then crush it in a garlic press and add it to the butter. Now stir, stir as if your life depended on it! Mix it all up with a fork so that it becomes nice and fluffy.

Grab your salmon. Stick it on a baking tray. Cover it with your butter. Grill. Don’t put the salmon too high, put it in the middle of the oven, or just above. As expected, it depends on the size of your salmon how long it takes to cook. Mine was a wee little fatty so it took about 14 minutes. Just keep an eye on it.

If you want to roast potatoes in the same tray like I did, then blanche them for a couple of minutes and stick them on the baking tray, sprinkle over a little oil. Take them out, turn them over, stick them back. Leave them for a while, take ’em out, turn again and this time, stick the salmon on the baking tray with them. Then grill!

About La dittatrice

After years of being based in Glasgow, I've recently made a home for myself in Turin, Italy, for the time being, at least. This blog is my captain's log. Here I note down what I did, and what I ate. A story, then a recipe. That's how this here works. Updates on Wednesdays.
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