Love shrimps

I am back in Scotland. I delayed the execution as long as I could and stayed in Italy for over a year, but in the end there was no changing the situation. Uni demands I come back and I have no choice but to do as they say. Yes, I could drop out of uni, but that seems a shame of three years of investment in my education and it would also be very expensive.

“Oh Dittatrice, don’t worry, it’ll be a glorious homecoming, it’s been over a year that you’ve not been to Scotland! Italy’s fun and all that, but it’s time to come home and return to normal life!”

For Christ’s sake, I was having fun there, having a steamy Italian affair, going to the beach with my love in the afternoon, eating heavenly crustaceans and going for drinks whilst watching the sun set from a sea side terrace. But obviously I’d lovingly give all of that up to go and eat leeks in the rain. “Because you don’t have leeks in Italy, do you? Well there you go! And the Italians lost at rugby to Scotland last week, a clear sign of their total inferiority. You see, it’s better to be in Scotland! Never mind the rain, that’ll be over in about 7 months.”

Oh dear God, what I’d do to be back in Italy.

At least we do have shrimps here. I used to eat shrimps in Italy. My love used to cook me trenette con gamberi e zucchini, long pasta with shrimps and courgette. Apart from shrimps and courgette, it tasted of love and happiness. I doubt I’ll find that in Scottish shrimps but here we go, anyway.

Love shrimps,  for two

– enough pasta
– some shrimps
– half a courgette
– some cream
– a little bit of onion and garlic

Finely chop the onion and garlic, fry gently in some olive oil. Halve the courgette lengthways, then chop into slices and throw in with the onion. Once it has gone a bit soft, add the cream. Boil the pasta in enough water with enough salt. Add the shrimps last, they only need a couple of minutes. Then add the pasta, mix well. Serve with parmesan if you fancy it.

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2 Responses to Love shrimps

  1. Bex says:

    I myself am in the mood for some…. *delicious crab meat*…. ;)


  2. Hehe I’m sure you will have noticed the The Cloak pun in my last post then, Bex?


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