Pak choi, the leafy equivalent to cucumber

I got a request for a recipe this week and I have to say that I feel quite honoured! The request came from my mate Culzean (pronounced Colane, if anyone’s wondering). She grew up eating nothing but take-aways from the local chippie (so chips and pickled onions, basically), but she now discovers and falls in love with a new vegetable pretty much every month. I like to believe I’m partly responsible for this, as she once came to visit me and was too polite to refuse the veggie soup I made. Turned out she actually quite liked it! This month’s vegetable is pak choi! Excellent choice, pak choi is one tasty piece of veg. Which is surprising because it hardly has any flavour! But it is usually quite crispy, juicy, succulent and it has a sort of freshness to it. It’s like the leafy counterpart of the cucumber. The main target this week are students, so we’ll keep it simple and we’ll just stir-fry it!

– rice
– onion
– garlic
– red chili
– mushrooms
– broccoli
– pak choi
– soy sauce
– oyster sauce if you fancy some
– some cashew nuts if you fancy

Boil the rice. Chop the garlic and red chili and gently fry them in some sun flower oil in a wok. Chop the onion (not too finely) and throw in with the rest. Take the broccoli apart into tinier bits. (It’s OK to eat the stem. In fact, it’s really nice! Peel it by simply tearing off the chewy skin, then chop it up!) Take the pak choi apart, wash the stalks if necessary and dry them well. Slice them into chunks of about 1 cm thick, separate the green from the white bits. Cut the mushrooms into slices. Add them, the white chunks of pak choi and the broccoli to the wok and sprinkle over a fair amount of soy sauce. Once they’re almost ready to be eaten, chuck in the green bits of pak choi as well. Serve with the rice and some oyster sauce, if you fancy. If you want to add cashew nuts, I quite like to heat them for a while in a pan with no oil in it, so that they’ll be nice and hot, and a bit crispy, but if you can’t be bothered, just chuck them in as they are.

If you leave out the oyster sauce it’s completely vegan!

No picture because they don’t seem to sell pak choi in this country, and I never actually stir-fry here.

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2 Responses to Pak choi, the leafy equivalent to cucumber

  1. Gráinne says:

    Veerle! This is what I eat at least once a week anyway, so it will definitely be getting made. Cashew nuts in a stir fry are the best thing ever.


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