Panic based cuisine

Thinking ahead is not my strongest point. Sometimes, I can see that I don’t have much food left and that I should probably head down to the market to get some stuff, but I just cannot be bothered, so I don’t. I’ll estimate that I have enough food to feed me until Saturday, but I won’t bother with shopping, thinking that maybe I won’t really be hungry on Sunday. Or that I’ll find a tin of tomatoes that I overlooked earlier. Or that maybe potatoes will mysteriously appear in the cupboard if I wait long enough. I’m one of those people that go to the fridge to find something to eat, find nothing in there, but check again after 5 minutes anyway, hoping (or even genuinely thinking) that the situation will be different.

So on one of those Sundays, I had a brief moment of panic when I realised that I had nothing, absolutely nothing to make a quick pasta with. No tomatoes, no onions, no old chunk of carrot. In fact, I didn’t even have enough pasta for a full meal. The search went on. No eggs, no vegetables, no bread. Hmm, couple of old potatoes. They’ll have to do. Few lost cloves of garlic. An almost empty carton of cream. And rice. Two types: arborio and long grain. I briefly considered potato risotto, then decided that would be awful. So long grain then: curry it would have to be! And I can tell you, it was good. It was so good that I’ve made it again since, even with plenty of food in the house.

– couple of potatoes
– spices (ground coriander, cumin, chillies, kurkuma, or just use curry powder
– cream of some description
– sun flower oil
– water

Boil water for the rice. Peel and cut the potatoes, put them in a frying pan with enough sun flower oil. Add the spices straight away: ground coriander, (ground) cumin, crushed chillies, and anything curryish you may have in the house: I cheated and added curry powder. What can I say, it was a panic meal. Add salt to taste. After a while, add some water. Stir so that the potatoes release starch. Keep adding water until you get a nice, thick sauce. Towards the end, add some cream, yoghurt, or coconut milk. Really, any type of cream will do, it’s an improvised, nothing-to-work-with kind of meal. Top with fresh coriander, if you happen to have some.

Yeah, that looks tasty, doesn't it?

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